POCUS Academy 2021

Welcome to the course material for the POCUS Academy, a five day course taking place in Stockholm on 15-19th of November 2021.

The course is planned as a flipping-the-classroom model, where we expect you to study the following material pre-course (one day should be preassigned for this purpose). So the five days spent on site can focus on hands-on training, questions, and workshops (the fun stuff!).

Before coming to the course you are expected to read the following material, watch the videos (the mandatory ones are marked with a red X), and answer the quiz for each module. The quizzes are made in google-forms format and should be sent to us by mail (that will happen automatically once you finish the test and send it) before November 12th. The answers will be reviewed by us the weekend before the course.

The material is divided into the following introductory module (M0) and 5 practice modules with quizzes (M1-M5) that we expect you to study before the course:

We are looking forward to meeting you on-site!

Best regards,
Robert Tofan Taeri
M.D. & Course Instructor