Selected resources on point of care ultrasound can be found on this page. While not a complete list it contains many of our own favorites that we frequently visit and revisit. The amount of high-quality material available for free online by the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) community is, for lack of a better term, astounding. We are presented, and spoiled (!), with an embarrassment of riches. Here is a selection to help you get started on your bedside ultrasound learning trajectory and start your dive into the POCUS rabbit hole.

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Index: 1- Books | 2 – Web Pages & Twitter & Quizzes | 3 – Videos | 4 – Cheat Sheet | 5 – Articles


Books ^

There are three books that we recommend for this course and for the starting POCUS practitioner. The three books are mentioned below:

(i) Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound 2nd Edition by Vicki Noble (2011) 

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One of the first POCUS books published and the book still holds up well with simple and to-the-point coverage of the essentials that every new bedside ultrasound practitioner needs. Short on-point chapters with all the relevant info presented in a timely matter.

(ii) Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1 & 2 by Matthew Dawson & Mike Mallin (2013)  

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Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound Volume 1 & 2 by Dawson & Mallin is a semi-interactive Apple Book and requires macOS or iOS. At one point the books could be found and downloaded for free, however the previous links for the books don’t seem to work anymore. For the interested it is available for purchase on Apple. Dawson & Mallin are also the original creators of the podcast and site, later renamed to

(iii) Point of Care Ultrasound 2nd Edition by Soni et al (2019) 

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One of the most recent and most comprehensive books on POCUS. Contains many chapters with detailed information on almost every different aspect of modern bedside ultrasound practices.


Web Pages ^

Previously created by Mike Mallin and Matt Dawson, now the page is maintained by Mike, Jacob Avila (5 min sono), and Ben Smith. Contains a wide range of videos and podcasts relating to all things bedside ultrasound.

The Pocus Atlas

A collection of rare, exemplary, and perfectly captured ultrasound images intended to be used as educational material. Their subpage The Evidence Atlas contains a great summary of the evidence when it comes to sensitivity and specificity of the different bedside ultrasound exams.

Ultrasound Cases

A webpage collaboration between SonoSkills and FUJIFILM Healthcare that contains 7670 cases and 59319 ultrasound images and clips (!!) at the time that I’m writing this.


A great educational site maintained by nephrologist dr. Abhilash Koratala. Don’t let the name fool you, even if nephrology is of particular interest, the page contains almost everything needed to know for the starting POCUS practitioner. POCUS explained in easy to understand, creative and innovative ways.

Hemodynamik [SWEDISH]

A page created by our anaesthesiology colleagues at Karolinska where lectures and movies in Swedish can be viewed.


Dr. Viam Dinh and his colleagues at Loma Linda University School of Medicine presenting POCUS topics to learners of all levels.

Academy of Emergency Ultrasound Section (AEUS)

This is Ultrasound section of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine.  Has several links to all things ultrasound as well as an online video series. Some content require an account to access.

ACEP Ultrasound Section

Contains policy documents and guidelines related to emergency ultrasound as well as resources for training. Some content require an account to access.


  • Vicki Noble (the author of the book mentioned above and by many considered the Queen of Ultrasound)
  • Abhilash Koratala (the creator behind nephropocus)
  • ACEP Ultrasound (ACEP = American College of Emergency Physicians)


Relevant pages with ultrasound quizzes will be added after the course!


Videos ^

Sonosite (FUJIFILM)

A great collection of bedside ultrasound teaching videos.


Another youtube channel with a great collection of bedside ultrasound teaching videos.


Cheat Sheets ^

ALiEM has created some cheat sheets that might come in handy when you are learning the basics of bedside ultrasound:


Articles ^

Pare JR et al. ‘Emergency physician focused cardiac ultrasound improves diagnosis of ascending aortic dissection.’ 2016. *

Singh et al. ‘Barriers to point-of-care ultrasound utilization during cardiac arrest in the emergency department: a regional survey of emergency physicians.’ 2021. *

This section will be completed over time.